By Ahriana Platten
Founder and Director
Apr 09, 2013

In 1987, I started thinking about 2012.  The Harmonic Convergence pointed us to the end of the Mayan Calendar and moved the New Thought/ New Age/ Holistic community into a 25-year period in which astral alignments, star-gate openings and meditations for world change were the norm.

Well – we made.  Its April of 2013 and all the worry about the end of the world has subsided.  Now what?

I’ve noticed that a larger than usual number of “lightworkers” (spiritual leaders who have driven the past 25 years of activity) are undergoing issues with their health.  Many are experiencing life events that challenge perception and belief.   It makes me wonder.  Perhaps its just that we are getting older.  The age factor cannot be denied.  Still – I wonder if its more than that.

We have just crossed a threshold.  If the world can now be expected to demonstate dramatic change – where will the changing start?  The prediction was that 2013 would usher in a time of world peace and well-being on the planet.  What will move us in that direction?

If we are to find peace, perhaps the journey manifests first in our own bodies.  How hard have they worked over the past few decades?  Frequency change, resonance change, psychological change – all of these have been aspects of the work done to make way for transformation.  All of these affect the physical form.

E.E. Cumings said “unbeing dead is not the same as being alive.” Maybe our life changes are moving us toward living more fully.    The evolution of our perceptions may be the next most likely step toward a new way of living.

I’d love to know your thoughts.


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"Ahriana is so good at what she does, which by my witness has included teacher, ordaining minister, keeper of the seasons, ceremonial leader, and channel to Goddess energy. In the past five years or so,she has blessed me, smudged me, ordained me, and most recently, croned me. Ahriana, you, your heart, and your work are a true blessing to the planet."

Sherry Dell, PhD, CN, Rev
Hood River, Oregon
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